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Worldwide Affiliate Program

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Day Spa Parties (formerly known as Vonevents, 2006) is a great way of celebrating smiles and diversity and bringing together cultures from all over the world.

I have enjoyed creating and working on Day Spa Parties as a party host of children and teen parties, hens nights, baby showers, corporate and community events. Over the years I’ve had fun working as team leader, bookings and events coordinator, creating this website and other Day Spa Parties promotions. Life throws all sorts of challenges at us. Throughout the years of Day Spa Parties, life has thrown many at me - depression and nervous breakdown, postnatal psychosis, schizophrenia diagnosis and hospitalisation, feelings of isolation, bullying, false imprisonment and injustice, miscarriage, past marriage issues, financial issues, challenges of raising my own precious children and more. Prior to Day Spa Parties I grew up in. a home witnessing frequent severe domestic violence throughout my childhood and youth until I was old and brave enough to stand up and say no. Sadly, my parents experienced abuse and hardships as children and young adults themselves and I still love and forgive them and now have good relationships with them both. I do this by remembering and reflecting on the positive family memories we share and the many ways they have blessed me. Birthday parties were always very special tome growing up as a child and mum went to great lengths to ensure these were memories we could always treasure. I understand loosing loved ones to tragic events and there have been times when I’ve self-harmed  and almost taken my own life. I know I will never be in this situation again because I know how precious I am to my creator. I hope overtime I can do more to help those living in poverty,vulnerable or abusive situations.

Day Spa Parties  is about friendship and enjoying the company of loved ones. One of my best friends is Justin, who I was my high school sweetheart and husband for 12+ years. There have been times we have gone through separation and hardship but he will always be my friend and much loved father to my two beautiful children, who are the most amazing blessings and bring incredible joy to my life every day. Justin shares many memories with the development and operation of Day Spa Parties over the years. Without his support, many of the community events we have taken on board throughout the years and learned so much from would not have been possible, so I am forever grateful to him. There are so many other friends,family, staff, colleagues, suppliers, partners and sponsors who have also added incredible value to my life and Day Spa Parties over the years. I am so blessed to have received a privileged Christian private education and to have been surrounded by so many wonderful teachers and friends at Maranatha Christian School (Prep-Year 12) as well as wonderful educators at Deakin University and many workplace mentors. It’s exciting to be able to pass the same gift of education on to my own children (made possible with the love and support of precious Grandparents) now through the much appreciated Beaconhills College Community. Australia is a fabulous place to have lived my whole life and I am so grateful to be able to raise my children in such a blessed and beautiful country!

I’m a Christian, which means I believe in freedom through God’s love and grace and his gift of Jesus Christ and I am forever grateful for his blessings and help in my life to overcome the hurts. I love my precious children, enjoy helping others where i can, enjoy nature, the beach and hope to take up horse riding again. I love to run, box, swim, do aerobics, pray, sing, dance, camp, sit around a bonfire, read and listen to music. I homeschooled my daughter for a couple of years and this time with my children was very precious and beautiful to see them learn. I’m currently studying fitness because I enjoy exercise, particularly outdoors and good nutrition, though I am currently a smoker as I personally find it relaxing. Some people are ok with this, while others are not which I understand.

The Willow Tree Beauty Lounge in Echuca, Victoria is a Day Spa I might like to visit one day - I just love the name as climbing in Willow Trees that lined the creek in the backyard of my childhood home was very special to me as a child. I have personally enjoyed relaxation massage at the Nepean Country Day Spa in Boneo, Victoria, now called the Lea Day Spa which is located next to the Eagle Ridge Golf Club where I was married. This is nearby the Peninsula Hot Springs too, which is a lovely Victorian destination to visit in Australia.

Day Spa Parties are a chance for people to come together to love, share, celebrate life, have fun and remember that beauty is within. i’m extremely thankful to all those customers who have allowed me to serve them and help bring joy into their lives over the years. Especially all the children and youth, who's smiles and kindness have meant more to me than they know! I look forward to meeting more of you in time.

Day Spa Parties is hoping this project (program and directory) will be a great tool both for customers seeking a Day Spa venue or pamper service provider as well as a great way for businesses to easily refer another service in situations when unable to take a booking. So, if you like the sound of the packages offered at Day Spa Parties, this should be a fun way to connect Day Spa venues and Pamper Service providers around the globe.

Soon, you could have your new or existing business included on a worldwide Day Spa Parties Directory.

Cost -  AUD$99 for two years.

By joining the program, you will receive an online listing for your business, including your business contact details, logo, web link, 3 business images, 100 word description about your business and 5 bullet point sentences describing your services. Click on the SA link to the Australia Directory for a sample guide to how your listing will look closer up. Please note the Australia Map will remain on the site as this is the origin of Day Spa Parties. The Day Spa Parties Worldwide Affiliate program is complimentary for interested Australian Businesses who are listed on the Australian directory.

You will receive access to business and training tips, marketing collateral, and other handy business documents.

You will be able to use information used to promote existing and new Day Spa Party packages via your own website. Then add your own style or spin on it with your own images. including an established, fun brand such as Day Spa Parties as an affiliate will hopefully create excitement for your customers and credibility for your business. 

Day Spa Parties will take not take any legal responsibility regarding all the ins and outs of the operation or marketing of your business. You will need to be following good business practices in your own region. You may need to tailor the package information, products used and pricing both to the needs of your clientele and the services you are interested in offering. It’s just about giving it your best shot!

In the past I considered franchising Day Spa Parties, however I believe this is a more efficient, cost effective way to share with you some of the ideas and tools I have found successful in spreading joy into the lives of others.

As part of the program, you will need to add the Day Spa Parties affiliate logo as a link on your websites homepage.

Please enquire at bookings@dayspaparties.com.au.

Warm regards,

Shevonne Matthews


Pamper Parties for Special Occasions, mobile service based in Pakenham located in the Cardinia Shire. Travel Greater Melbourne.