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When can I expect my photos after the party?

Please allow up to 48 hours after the party for me to send the photos to you. These will be sent to you via Google photos.

What if I have guests attending the party, however not participating?

A $15 entertainment charge applies. Guests will still be able to have arrival drink, join in the games, wear a spa robe, and be included in party photos. This does not apply for other household members not participating in the party or parents of children attending kids parties. Parents attending kids parties should make sure that they are not talking over the party host during the party. Young children, particularly of toddler age not participating in the party should be supervised by parents while the party is taking place.

What do i need to provide?

In the pamper party area, please ensure there is enough seating for all guests to be seated at the same time. Couches, chairs or ottomans can be used. If booking a kids party, please ensure seat height is appropriate for children to reach feet into the foot baths. Please ensure there is a cleared table in the room for your party hosts to setup all their goodies! A trestle table works well. A power point in the room is needed for the music which is provided. Your host will need your WiFi password. The laundry sink will be needed to fill foot baths. Arrival drinks are provided, however you will need to provide food for your guests. Light finger food and fresh fruit platters can be served throughout the pampering or placed on a nearby table for guests to help themselves throughout the party.  There is a short 10-15 minute break an hour into the party where guests can have a stretch and bite to eat. The foot basins are cleared in this time and I get moment to unwind! If you are planning to provide a more substantial meal for guests, please arrange to have this either prior to or after the Day Spa Party session. For kids parties, please allow 30 minutes after our finish time for the Birthday cake, presents etc.

Can you do the pamper party outside?

Absolutely! With nice weather, parties outside are fantastic. Outdoor parties or parties in open air spaces like garages are not suitable in winter. Similarly, when it hot it is best to keep the party indoors in air conditioning. Your party hosts will let you know if weather conditions aren’t suitable to have the party outside. Please ensure the area is well shaded/covered and you have sunscreen protection for guests, Also that there is nearby access to water (for foot basins) and power (for the music). Activities may need to be tailored slightly for outdoor parties.

What if a guests runs late to the party?

Please ask guests to arrive on time. The parties are structured in a way that is interactive so latecomers may miss out on activities.

How many party hosts will there be?

All of the current party packages are based on one party host doing the party - me Shevonne Matthews :-) I have had a team of staff in the past however as my life has changed I have developed packages that work extremely well with one host. Approximately 10 hours work goes into most parties, including shopping,admin, cleaning and photo editing. So having single host parties is most sustainable and the parties are fantastic.

Can we have other entertainers or therapists at the event at the same time?

This depends on the nature of the activity, the event and whether it will affect my  ability as a host to perform my job safely and efficiently. Please let me know about any other planned activities for your event when placing your booking and I will advise of the suitability of additional entertainment on a case-by-case basis.

My party is being held at a venue, not at home. What do I need to know?

Make sure the venue is happy for you to have a pamper party there. If planning to have your party in a hotel room or serviced apartment, ensure you are not exceeding the numbers of guests allowed by the venues in-room parties policy. Booking a private function room or conference room may be a good solution for larger groups. If venue service providers have concerns, they are welcome to contact me. Additional costs may apply for parking. Please ensure there is lift access. I bring a lot of equipment and would like to know about flights of stairs in advance!

Is there are maximum number of guests?

The package will specify the guest numbers recommended.

Can we tailor a package to include different activities?

The current packages are as per listed on this website. I have created the packages based on customer feedback and spent time perfecting these packages to bring you fabulous and memorable events. If there is a particular activity or something new you would like to see added to the packages, please let me know by emailing me.

Where can I leave feedback about an event I attended or held recently?

After the party I will email you a link to a feedback survey.

I would love to work for Day Spa Parties? How do I get a job?

Currently Day Spa Parties does not have any job openings. If you are a student interested looking for work experience and are interested in any of the areas including hospitality, events, children and youth, pampering others including, hair &beauty or entertainment, please feel free to email me your details at

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